Take this job and love it.

Just thought I'd pop in to report...


So law school was worth it. Giving up my summer to study for the bar was worth it. (Well... assuming the results are good in a couple of months).

But seriously- I could not have made a better decision. The fact that my firm is small is great because they are giving me so much responsibility right from the start, and at the same time I still have great access to two amazing attorneys no matter how stupid my questions are. Everybody I work with is awesome. I have been to two depositions and a mediation in the last week and a half. I've traveled down to Bakersfield, and up to San Francisco. I've met at least 10 real clients. I have an office- with a door. And I now have a full case load of 12 cases- cases that I will get to take depositions on as soon as I get sworn in this December. Cases that I will ultimately get to settle or take to trial. If all goes well, I will have filed my first lawsuit by the end of the week.

I have turned into a complete workaholic because I really love the work. I want to become an amazing advocate and litigator. I just can't help but smile. I am living my dream.


Almost an Attorney

And so it begins.... I start work tomorrow. I have had a wonderful break. Our cruise was awesome, my house is clean and organized once again, I have bought a whole new wardrobe of lawyerly clothes, and most importantly I believe I have had more drunken nights in the last three weeks than I had in all four years of college. The bar exam is but a distant memory at this point. That's all. Just thought I'd check in. It may be a while before I check back.... The small firm I'll be working at (read: 2 other attorneys) has a trial starting a week from tomorrow so my first few weeks promise to be anything but boring. It sort of feels like second year of law school all over again - just when you thought the worst of it was over (this time the bar exam), you realize that there's just a whole new set of challenges ahead. But this time- I get a paycheck, and truth be told, I'm really excited about my job. Good luck to everyone out there starting jobs or still looking for them. If the next 3 months go anything like the last three weeks, that fateful day in November will be here before we know it.