A new challenge...

I hope this update finds my blogging buddies from last summer well (even though I'm saddened that a few of them are still stuck in their awful study caves). I also hope that a few newbies (July '08ers) have stumbled upon my adventures and found them (a) amusing (b)inspiring (c)terrifying or (d) all of the above. I was just reading over a few of my blog entries from last summer and got a little nostalgic. Don't call me crazy - I said a little.

Anyways, I'm definitely on to bigger and better things these days. I'm still LOVING my job - I've already second chaired 2 trials with 3 more coming this summer and taken upwards of 20 depos. The challenge now is balancing all that workplace fun with other endeavors...

So.. I'm running a marathon. Yup. I figure the bar exam is sort of a mental marathon so this year I'll try a physical one. If you're interested in keeping up with my new adventures, I'm blogging about my training over at http://marathonamanda.blogspot.com/

Let me know how you guys are doing if you get a chance!

PS On an unrelated sidenote, if you're looking for a place to stay during the bar exam in Sacramento I would highly reccomend the Marriot Residence Inn. I stayed there recently when I was in Sac for a depo. It is right next to the convention center and a ton nicer than the Sheraton where I stayed. Each room has a full fridge, a whole mini-kitchen and a really nice big screen tv - plus a full on free breakfast included. I'm not sure if the price difference is huge, but it's worth looking into.