Hi, my name is insane.

In my anxious state, I decided it would be a good idea to look for that ID card that has the info we'll need to access results on Friday. Found it, no problem. It was still in the ziploc bag that I have been afraid to touch since July 26th. So I set it on the dresser in the living room where I keep all the important stuff. Then I thought... what if during Husband's fabulous plans on Friday we get stuck in traffic or our car breaks down and I want to check my results from my fabulous new Samsung Blackjack? I should keep the ID card in my wallet, so that I have it with me at all times on Friday and can thereby check my results from anywhere. Pat on the back. I start walking to my purse and stop suddenly. Wait! What if my wallet were stolen between now and Friday at 6pm. That's when I realized I had gone insane.


Salmon Chase said...

That's funny - on the last day of the bar, I actually sent myself an e-mail with that information in it - but I styled the e-mail "To the future me, from the past me," ala The Office's "Future Dwight."

John said...

Don't go M'Naghten on us just yet. And best of luck (as if we need it)!!!

Richard said...

lol i suddenly realised i didnt have that thing with me here - came out to LA just the other day and didnt think to take any stuff! :( But it's alright - i faxed them and they emailed it to me so im allll ready... kinda :-s