The Talk

So this whole waiting thing is just plain awful- less than 48 hours to go. My boss sat me down today and assured me that (a) I won't lose my job if 'it doesn't go well on friday' and (b) taking the bar exam a second time wouldn't kill me. It was very very sweet of him to say nice things like that, but it really just made me want to cry. But that would have made me look weak, so I waited and cried in the car on the way home. I got home with mascara running down my face and Paul was confused as to why I was crying. "Why are you stressing? There's nothing you can do." My point exactly. I should note that to his credit, he may not totally understand, but he is still amazing. He, too, is taking Friday off of work and apparently has a whole day of activities planned so that I won't be watching the seconds tick away all day.

In other news, we got a 3 day notice to perform covenant or quit because our stupid apartment manager just noticed that we've had a satellite dish for the 11 months we've lived here and never paid the additional $100 deposit. I'm drafting a letter arguing waiver. Too bad they didn't serve it next week when I could (hopefully) sign Esq. after my name.

Ok. Gotta go puke now. Seriously, this waiting this is the worst thing ever.

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Eric said...

I took the Bar Exam in July too and I'm feeling the same as you. The waiting is just awful - and the fact that we don't have any control makes it feel worse than the test itself in some ways.

Hang in there! = )